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to upscaling our charitable impact.

Social enterprise is pioneering a better way for our economy and our society. They’re businesses, but businesses with specific social objectives that service their primary purpose.
The social enterprise model has enabled Pathway to make a difference on a scale we never could have if we had relied solely on government funding or donations. 


Alloyfold is a commercial furniture business operating in three international markets, while Oak Tree Devanning is a local labour supply business that employs 100 people. Together they provide more than half of the funding Pathway needs to carry out its charitable work, while Oak Tree Devanning also supports people with barriers to employment. 

In recognition of our social enterprises and the impact they’re making, Alloyfold Australia is a member of Social Traders, the Australian trailblazer of social enterprise procurement, and Alloyfold New Zealand is an Ākina Impact Certified supplier, demonstrating the powerful impact we are heading in
New Zealand. 


On the back of its own experience operating social enterprises, Pathway launched the Social Enterprise Hub in 2017 to support fledgling social enterprises to grow their businesses and increase their social impact, by providing shared work space and resources such as accounting, marketing, HR and business planning. 


our social enterprises.

Alloyfold Life Central Church Auckland - Debussy Seating 2019
Alloyfold New Zealand Logo

In 1998 a chair manufacturing plant was purchased and Alloyfold was established as the business arm to generate jobs and fund the life changing work of Pathway Trust. Alloyfold's extensive range of commercial seating and furniture products includes stadium and auditorium seating, church seating, cinema seating, venue seating and hire and rental products, with profits returned to Pathway Trust.

Oak Tree Devanning Team walking towards a shipping container
Oak Tree Devanning New Zealand Logo

Oak Tree Devanning offers a professional container devanning and casual labour hire service throughout Canterbury, established in 2002 to provide opportunities for employment, training and skill development for those with barriers to traditional employment, with profits returned to Pathway Trust. 

NZIBT Tournament 2018

Though currently on hold due to global travel restrictions resulting from Covid, New Zealand International Basketball Tours (NZIBT) was launched in 2017 to facilitate Australasian basketball tours for college basketball teams from all over the world. Tours include organised matches against local teams, sightseeing, meals and activities. Just like our other social enterprises, profits from NZIBT go towards supporting the work of Pathway Trust.


we need your help.

By helping people to make a fresh start, we’re helping to break the intra-family cycle of poverty, violence and criminal activities, making Christchurch a stronger and safer place for everyone.


But we can’t do it without you.


Because, while we’re all about saying yes to fresh starts, yes to securing employment and yes to changing lives, for us to continue saying yes, we need someone else to say yes too - you!

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