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We believe that people can make positive life changes
when given the tools they need.
Pathway was founded to provide those tools. 

The Pathway story began in 1997, with three guys, a shared belief and a clever idea. 

The belief is that people can make positive life changes when given the tools they need and the clever idea was to establish a business that would fund these tools. More than two decades on, Pathway Charitable Group is creating profound social change. 


Whether it’s our unique prisoner reintegration programme at Christchurch Men’s Prison, the Navigate Initiative; our employment initiatives; our residential drug and alcohol programme, He Kete Oranga o te Mana Wāhine; our community housing provider, Pathway Affordable Housing; or our social enterprises, Alloyfold, Oak Tree Devanning and New Zealand International Basketball Tours (NZIBT), it’s life changing work. But it’s not just life changing for those we work with. 

By working with some of our community’s marginalised groups, we are helping to break the intra-family cycle of poverty, violence and criminal activities, and helping to make the Christchurch community a stronger and safer place for everyone. 

Our work continues to be partly funded by the work of our three social enterprises.

what we do.

The Navigate Initiative is a ground-breaking partnership with the Department of Corrections to provide reintegrative support for men inside Christchurch Men's Prison with ongoing support as they rebuild their lives back in the community. 


Our employment initiatives are about providing a leg up for those who are ready to work and want to make a fresh start. We can help prepare a CV and practice for job interviews. support them to gain skills and connect with employers. 


In 2019, Pathway launched the South Island’s only residential drug and alcohol centre for women - He Kete Oranga o te Mana Wāhine - a Women’s Basket of Wellness, in partnership with Odyssey House.

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By providing long-term social housing to those in need, we are able to get some of our community's most vulnerable people into safe and healthy spaces where they can grow and thrive with the support of our wider social services. 

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