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yes. we help people make a fresh start.

We believe people can make positive life changes
when they are given the tools they need. 

Pathway Trust was founded to provide these tools. 

we never give up on people. ever.

We say yes to giving people a fresh start. We love what we do; that's why we’ve been doing it for more than 25 years. 

The Pathway story began in 1997, with three guys, a shared belief and a clever idea. 

The belief is that people can make positive life changes when given the tools they need and the clever idea was to establish a business that would fund these tools. More than two decades on, Pathway Trust is creating profound social change.

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The premise behind our affordable housing division might be simple, but it's powerful. It is simply to provide access to safe and affordable housing for those
in need. 

While we have long provided short-term accommodation for a number of our reintegration clients as they transition back into the community, becoming a social housing provider has enabled us to extend this support even further, with long-term housing. This is another way we say yes to those in need. 

Our prisoner reintegration programme supports men and women who are ready to turn their lives around and make a fresh start.

We provide wraparound social work support including help with addiction, restorative justice, mentoring, accommodation and employment.

There is no time limit on how long we provide that support because we never give up on people. Ever.


Our employment programme helps people with barriers to traditional employment get work or the skills they need to be work ready. 

We do this by matching partner employers with people ready and willing to get stuck in, but we don't stop there.

In fact, we continue to journey alongside those in our employment programme, providing the wraparound support of our social arm, which ensures that their employment journey is a lasting one.  

words from our tū ora

"Without the support of Pathway I wouldn’t be here today. I would be locked up. If I did not have Pathway, I would be back into my old stuff with my old homies, I would be trying to look for a quick earn. Pathway gave me skills to look after myself."

we need your help.

By helping people to make a fresh start, we’re helping to break the intra-family cycle of poverty, violence and criminal activities, making Christchurch a stronger and safer place for everyone.


But we can’t do it without you.


Because, while we’re all about saying yes to fresh starts, yes to securing employment and yes to changing lives, for us to continue saying yes, we need someone else to say yes too - you!

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