to supporting fresh starts.

We believe that people can make positive life changes when given the tools they need.

Pathway was founded to provide those tools. 


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we do need your help.

It’s people like you that help us achieve our great results.

Whether you give of your time as a mentor or volunteer - we appreciate every hour.

If you can’t give your time - we need financial support. You or your company can help fund our initiatives and keep our work going.

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the best word I ever said...

"I contacted Pathway when I was looking for options for a friend coming out of prison. Carey gave me his undivided attention and I remember thinking ‘I’d love to be a part of that place!’ I now pop in once a week and do odd jobs for them. If I can chip away on something for a couple of hours, it might mean they can spend longer with one of their guys, or pick up another client. It all helps!"

Josie Young. Volunteer.

a fresh start with a good job.

Our employment programme enables people who need a job or simply just new skills to work hard in a great environment.

Our team are exceptional at what they do. Many of our workers have gone on to get great jobs after getting the right skills from our work programmes.

We also place many released prisoners in work spaces around Canterbury. If you have space available - we have someone willing to work.

we love a fresh start. why not help us give as many as we can...

a fresh start and a new outlook.

Our Christchurch based prisoner reintegration programme supports men wanting to move away from harmful choices and start over.

Our team of social workers provide a service that gets to the heart of the complex issues that lead to crime and replaces them with strategies for a new life.

The results speak for themselves, men who work with Pathway Reintegration are 43% less likely to be re-imprisoned after 12 months than men who do not.


a fresh start with real affordability.

The premise behind our affordable housing division might be simple, but it’s powerful. Our goal is simply to provide access to safe and affordable housing for those in need.  

While we have long provided short-term accommodation for a number of our reintegration clients as they transition back into the community, becoming a social housing provider has enabled us to extend this support even further, with long-term housing.

This is another way we say yes to those who are in need.


we love mentoring. want to join us?

Mentoring is an exciting part of the Pathway story. Our team of mentors provide one on one relational mentoring - and it works!

People need people to talk with, share with and get wisdom from and our mentors are the cornerstone of new foundations being built.

We are always looking for new mentors to walk alongside a released prisoner needing the encouragement of someone else.

a fresh start before leaving the prison gates.

The Navigate Initiative is a ground-breaking partnership between Pathway and the Department of Corrections.

It includes 6-12 months of re-release support from inside Christchurch Men's Prison to help prepare men for life on the outside and 6-12 months of support as they rebuild their lives back in the community. 

Our support programme covers everything, from health, education and counselling, to restorative justice and key life skills. Find out how you can help.


we never give up on people. ever.