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supported employment

yes. to a fresh start with a good job.

Our employment programme not only supports people who need a job to get into the workforce, but it also helps employers throughout Canterbury secure workers who are ready, willing and able to work, while we continue to provide our wraparound support services to support their transition. 


Many of our employees have gone on to get great jobs after getting the right skills from our work programmes and our partner employers have been rewarded with hard working and loyal employees. If you have employment needs, we have someone willing to work. 


words from our tu ora

"I think the best thing is that it goes beyond prison. The team doesn’t drop you when it matters the most: the second you leave prison. Some days Anaru comes to the accommodation which Pathway helped me get and we play a game of chess and catch up. I know I can call on them for help at any time. Especially at those moments which used to get me into trouble in the first place. "

we need your help.

By helping people to make a fresh start, we’re helping to break the intra-family cycle of poverty, violence and criminal activities, making Christchurch a stronger and safer place for everyone.


But we can’t do it without you.


Because, while we’re all about saying yes to fresh starts, yes to securing employment and yes to changing lives, for us to continue saying yes, we need someone else to say yes too - you!

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