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September 2023

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What is the role of a case manager behind prison walls?

Pathway's unique partnership with the Department of Corrections means we work closely with them each day and together, we're doing everything we can to make the reintegration process and preparation for release as smooth as possible. Pathway's reintegration navigators, alongside Corrections case managers, play an equal part in this.

So, what is the role of a case manager behind prison walls?

Case managers provide the foundation for the plans that encompass rehabilitation, wellbeing, security, employment and education made for each prisoner when they're inside, whether it's for six months or 10 years. That includes a comprehensive review of a prisoner's file when they are sentenced that looks at offending history, the type of offence, pre-sentence reports, judge's sentencing notes and criminal traffic history.

It also contains a risk assessment plan, which addresses a prisoner's specific needs and highlights any potential risks. These form the basis for Pathway's own reintegration plans for Tū Ora. It's busy work so establishing strong working relationships quickly is essential.

Recently, Pathway reintegration team member Dave Starr, a former Corrections case manager himself, organised a get-together between Pathway staff and case managers. He says understanding each other's roles better was key, an area where good progress had been made. Dave added the two teams were familiar with each other and communicated effectively, which was building on the strong foundations already laid.

Having close working relationships and open, honest lines of communication with case managers gives our Tū Ora the best possible chance for success as they enter the NI and eventually make their way back to the community. Each of the men we work with come from different backgrounds and have different needs, so identifying those and working on effective plans together benefits everyone.

Names have been changed.

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