Community Skills Bank FAQ

Where is Christchurch Men’s Prison?

Christchurch Men’s Prison is located 15 minutes outside of Christchurch at 555 W Coast Rd, Templeton, Christchurch.

Is there an age limit for volunteering?
Life experience is definitely an advantage for this type of volunteer work. We do prefer that volunteers are aged 21 and over, however, we are able to consider younger volunteers on a case by case basis.

I’m not sure if my skills would be helpful, should I still apply?
For people leaving prison, everyday things such as paying bills, cooking dinner or setting up a bank account can be challenging. Equally, there is not usually a lot of opportunity for creative expression or exploring new talents. You might be able to bake or play the guitar, maybe you can speak Spanish or you are great at fixing things around the house — most people have something they share with others. We appreciate you taking the time to fill in the form to find out how you can help.

Are you able to reimburse travel costs?
In some cases the Department of Corrections can help with travel costs for regular volunteers. If you are eligible, Pathway Trust will support you to apply for reimbursement once your volunteer services have commenced.

Can I charge for my services?

The Community Skills Bank is a not for profit service and we ask people to volunteer their time for no charge. If you are a service provider looking to get involved on a contract basis, please contact with information about your service and associated charges.

Can any gender volunteer in Christchurch Men’s prison?

I have a criminal record, can I still volunteer?
Having a criminal record does not automatically discount you as a Navigate Initiative volunteer. At Pathway we believe that people who had experiences of imprisonment or being convicted have an important role to play in supporting others to also successfully complete the transition back into the community. If you have a conviction, we would like to meet with you to gain a good understanding of what happened when, and then will work with you on a plan which is acceptable to Corrections and you.

I’ve filled out the form, what happens now?
Thank you for offering your time, we will be in touch as soon as we have an opportunity that suits your skills and availability.