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Life in prison might be hard, but with no accommodation, identification, bank account, positive support systems or employment, life on the outside can prove even harder. 

After a lengthy prison sentence, simple things many of us take for granted, such as building positive relationships, finding employment and securing a safe place to live, can prove to be insurmountable challenges that result in a return to antisocial groups and behaviours that lead to reimprisonment.    

That’s why for more than 20 years, Pathway Trust has been focusing much of its attention on helping men and women rebuild their lives when they leave prison, experience that culminated in the 2018 launch of our ground-breaking Navigate Initiative inside Christchurch Men’s Prison.   

Representing a new approach to reintegration, we work with participants for 6-12 months ahead of their release and support them for another 6-12 months as they rebuild their lives in the community. We remain available to participants after this time, when and if they need. 

By helping men plan and prepare ahead of their release, they are better able to avoid triggers for reoffending and take their life in a positive new direction. When their release day arrives, they can walk out with self-belief, a safe place to live, the skills to repair and form healthy relationships, and the ability to gain and retain employment. 

It’s life changing stuff. But not just life changing for those we work with. By working with some of our community’s most vulnerable groups, we are creating profound social change, helping to break the intra-family cycle of poverty, violence and criminal activities, and helping to make the Christchurch community a stronger and safer place for everyone. 

We believe that people can make positive changes in their lives when given the tools to do so. The Navigate Initiative provides those tools. 

» You can help us help the community

We need your help to continue changing lives.

We are seeking investments from businesses, organisations, churches and individuals to help us, help others. Purchasing "Supporter Shares**" in the Navigate Initiative will see you be a part of reducing crime and helping our community.

Supporter shares are sold in multiples of $1,000 with a five year commitment. Purchasing one share involves donating $1,000 per year for five years, at a total cost of $5,000.


Our Corporate Partners:

Through the Corporate Shareholder scheme, the businesses we partner with enable this work to continue. Their support not only ensures that those released into the community have a better chance at a fresh start, but that the community we all live and operate in, has the ability to be safe and flourish.

If you are interested in hearing more about this programme and how it can benefit your business, contact us here, or have a look at our information flier.  


Gold Tier Corporate Shareholders:

Dr. Malcolm Mckellar

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*Than had been expected by the Department of Corrections at time of release. Download the full report at

**Supporter shares are a donation and will not result in a financial return or legal ownership of a property or service. Supporter shares are not tradeable or sellable.