"Being a mentor can be very rewarding. All the guys I have worked with have made decisions which ended up having harmful consequences for others and themselves. Little by little we guide them to start making better decisions. Sometimes they just need to know someone is willing to listen to not judge them and to stand and journey with them as they take small steps towards a better life". Insights from a Pathway Mentor

Making a difference through mentoring is an exciting part of the Pathway story. Pathway Trust's team of mentors walk alongside someone to provide one on one relational mentoring - and it works! People need people to talk with, share with and get wisdom from, our mentors are the cornerstone of new, positive foundations being built. We are always looking for new mentors (living in Christchurch) to walk alongside a released prisoner needing the encouragement of someone else. Helping someone make a fresh start is about building relationships and taking an interest in someone.

"We were well matched and my mentor was supportive. I was in awe that somebody would go out of their way for me. It was a gracious thing to do. Its the type of person I aspire to be." On having a Mentor, Pathway Client.

We are always looking for new mentors and would love to hear from you.

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