There are 6 main ways to help Pathway.
Every one of them is important. If you can give in all six ways - that is amazing!  Most people can give in one of the ways listed here. Thanks for being part of our journey.
And guess what? Any gift is tax deductible because we are a registered charity.

give financially.

we need your money. whether it’s a one-off gift or a weekly or monthly amount, your donation will help us achieve our yearly goals.

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our donation page

give your time.

we need your time and your skills. people in Christchurch can give time as a mentor, a volunteer, or teach their skills via  Community Skills Bank - there are many roles on offer depending on how much time you have.

click here to send an email to our volunteer co-ordinator

give a job.

we need spaces for employment. if your Christchurch business has room for a hard working person, we have people ready to work.

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to our employment leader

give things.

we need your stuff. bikes, sports gear & other fun stuff or work things like tools and equipment. tell us what you’ve got!

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to our co-ordinator

buy a chair. or a thousand.

we sell chairs. churches, auditoriums, airports, sports venues & home theatre spaces all use Alloyfold seating.

click here to go to our alloyfold
website to see our huge range

lend your finance.

we need your finance. our latest division uses your finance to get people affordable housing. using your funds for good.

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lend to our affordable housing