Pathway Affordable Housing

familyAt Pathway we know that stable housing promotes better education outcomes for the family, better chances for strong community support and an ability to build financial independence. Pathway Affordable Housing aims to help break the intra-family poverty cycle and better our communities by promoting affordable home ownership.

The most recent statistics available from Statistics New Zealand state that 10% of those receiving an Accommodation Supplement (from central government) are spending 50% of their income on rent. This is the truest evidence of a poverty cycle. 

Pathway Affordable Housing is seeking to raise capital along with committing our own funding to see our vision come into fruition. We are borrowing funds, not being gifted them, because we know the only way to keep doing this is to pay our own way. Our plans have been well received by social lenders and other players in the market. We still need your help, so if you are interested in lending your funding we would love to hear from you.