we help people make a fresh start.

It’s what we do. And we love doing it.
People needing employment or new skills, families or individuals needing accommodation and people who are about to be released from prison come to us to help them make a fresh start.

And guess what? It works. We do make a difference.

we do make a difference.

The success of what we do is the reason we continue.
We see real change occur. It’s all because we never give up on people. ever.
And we think that passion and commitment translates into helping transition people from potentially repeating old behaviours to giving them a fresh start.

And guess what? We can’t do it alone. We need your help.

we do need your help.

It’s people like you that help us achieve our great results. Whether you give of your time as a mentor or volunteer - we appreciate every hour.
If you can’t give your time - then we need the financial support of you or your company to help fund our initiatives and keep our work going.

And guess what? It’s easy to say no to giving. But yes is way better! Click here to say yes.

the best word I ever said...

"I contacted Pathway when I was looking for options for a friend coming out of prison. Carey gave me his undivided attention and I remember thinking ‘I’d love to be a part of that place!’ I now pop in once a week and do odd jobs for them. If I can chip away on something for a couple of hours, it might mean they can spend longer with one of their guys, or pick up another client. It all helps!"

Josie Young. Volunteer.

a fresh start with accommodation.

Our retreat in Motukarara helps individuals get back on their feet - providing them a roof over their head, support and a safe place to stay.

It also allows them to get involved and help - giving them new skills and purpose while they stay in our care.

we never give up on people. ever.

This is the truth about Pathway. It’s what makes us different. It’s what drives us every day. People need to know that someone believes in them, believes they can change and will be there to support them along their journey. That’s us. Join us!

The Navigate Initiative is a new innovation currently in development by Pathway.  The Navigate Initiative will be run pre-release at the prison and helps men prepare for life outside of prison. It will be run in partnership with the Department of Corrections and in collaboration with other community organisations.

we love a fresh start. why not help us give as many as we can...

a fresh start and a new outlook.

Our prisoner reintegration program supports men wanting to move away from harmful choices and start over.

Our team of social workers provide a service that gets to the heart of the complex issues that lead to crime and replaces them with strategies for a new life.

The results speak for themselves and we are winning the fight and helping one life at a time make the community a safer place.

we love mentoring. want to join us?

Mentoring is an exciting part of the pathway story. Our team of mentors works to provide one on one relational mentoring - and it works! People need people to talk with, share with and get wisdom from, our mentors are the cornerstone of new foundations being built. We are always looking for new mentors to walk alongside a released prisoner needing the encouragement of someone else.

we love affordable housing.

a fresh start with real affordability.

Our affordable housing division is pretty self explanatory. Our goal is simply to help people afford a house and we have a few options to make that happen.

We know that helping people get into a house they can truly call their own, helps a family in many profound ways.

A new location is one way to help initiate a fresh start - we love how this new arm of the pathway group is changing lives and making a difference in the community.