About Pathway

Yes. we give people a fresh start. It's what we do and we love doing it. People needing employment or new skills, families or individuals needing accommodation and people being released from prison come to us to help them make a fresh start.

In 1997 Pathway began with just three guys, a shared belief and a unique idea. The belief is that people can make positive life change when given the tools they need, and the idea is to run a business to both fund and develop these tools. By mid 1998 Pathway Trust was incorporated and ready to go.




In 1998 a chair manufacturing plant was purchased and Alloyfold was established as the business arm to generate jobs and funding for the work of Pathway Trust. Alloyfold's range now includes more than 150 commercial seating and furniture products including stadium and auditorium seating, church seating, cinema seating, venue seating and hire and rental products. Profits are returned to Pathway Trust.


Oak Tree Devanning


Oak Tree Devanning began in 2002. A social enterprise in its purest form, Oak Tree is a professional container devanning company that offers opportunities for employment, training, and skill development to people with barriers to employment. Oak Tree is about hard work and earning an honest day's living. It's about being a part of a team and working for a common goal to provide the best service for our customers.