"We had our moments. I can be a pretty difficult customer and we would argue but he (Pathway Social worker) would always handle it well. He wasn't forceful and in your face. He'd say 'I've said my piece and I'll leave it and come back in a couple of days'...he had to take a tough line with me. He said I had two choices: the life I had or the life I wanted. Then he showed me how to get the life I wanted." A Pathway client talks about the relationship with his Pathway social worker.

Pathway Reintegration provides a fresh start for men in Christchurch prisons nearing completion of their prison term. We work with them to make a transition back into the community. It’s a six month program that provides people with the tools and opportunities to make a fresh start. Through our resources and networks, we can help provide whatever is needed - accommodation, clothes, and transport. We help with setting up a bank account, getting ID, and job applications. All we need is a willing heart and a desire to make a fresh start.

Pathway’s strategy focuses on the ways to help people avoid re-offending. We believe that safer communities can be created (and criminal re-offending can be greatly reduced) if people and organisations with good reputations, good systems, and good connections, work together. Our Reintegration Program does make a difference. Independent research released by Jared Gilbert of Canterbury University, shows those who engage with Pathway Reintegration are 43% less likely to be re-imprisoned within 12 months of release than if they had not been on the program.

Our Reintegration Programmes include:

  • Social work support - One on one support for released prisoners while they reintegrate into the community.

  • Employment opportunities - supporting released prisoners to gain and continue in employment.

  • Restorative Justice services - providing a opportunity for victims and offenders to meet in a supported restorative justice conference with the goal of finding a new way forward for both parties. This is a collaboration with Victim Support and the Edmund Rice foundation.

  • Community mentors - community volunteers supported by Pathway to walk alongside released prisoners.

  • Drug and alcohol support - a weekly support group run in collaboration with Drugarm Canterbury.


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