Refitting a life; One tyre at a time

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Glenn is a manager at a local tyre manufacturer. He first met Tane* in 2016 at the beginning of his work trial at the factory. Two months later when a vacancy came up, Glenn decided to give Tane* a shot at the job.

“He came in a suit and was very well prepared. He got the job and we haven’t looked back since. His attitude and work ethic are wonderful. He works in the chamber area, the most physical job in the factory, and yet he does it day after day with a smile on his face. It’s going very well and he definitely has the respect of his peers.”

Glenn is a long-time partner employer of Pathway and over the years has given five Pathway clients work trials leading to two permanent jobs. “Trevor and Francis’ recommendation is good enough for me to interview them, listen to their story, find out why they are trying to turn their life around and why we should give them a shot,” says Glenn. “The work trial really helps to work out who is serious.”

Since leaving prison and starting work, Tane* has made major changes in his life. Before going to prison, he described himself as someone who was out of balance. “I was a heavy alcoholic and right into drugs, my health was bad,” says Tane*. “It was an imbalance of the four walls or ‘te whare tapa wha’ — my mental, spiritual, physical and family health was not good. I was working way too much, abusing my family and drinking way too much. I didn’t know how to be in a relationship or communicate what I was trying to say. I didn’t know how to listen to what she was trying to say. There was violence and abuse. I had a negative attitude,” says Tane*. “Things are really different now,” he continues, “I’ve got my license, a good job and I’m re-engaging with my two brothers. I have goals and routine is a huge part of going forward.”

Eventually Tane* would like to buy a house, but for now, he is still working on restoring the balance in his life. “Everyday is a challenge and I’m still settling into a routine. But I got a pay rise last month. I’m happy with work and like that I’m learning new skills. People trust me.”

“He got the job and we haven’t looked back...
There is absolutely a future for him here.”
- Glenn, Manager.

As for Glenn, he looks forward to continuing this journey with Tane* “there is absolutely a future for him here,” he says. 

It’s employers like Glenn who make all the difference for people ready to make a fresh start. Pathway is thankful for each and every one of them.
If you have a job vacancy at your business, Pathway Supported Employment can help you find a great work-ready candidate.

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*Name has been changed.

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