Pathway celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

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“Starting something from scratch is hard.
To survive is even harder.”

- Murray, CEO

When Mike, Victor and Murray followed their calling 20 years ago, none of them believed that Pathway would be where it is today. But with the faithful support of a few generous people and organisations who believed in them, as well as the extraordinary efforts of Pathway’s workers over the years, our 20 year celebration is here!

It all began in 1998 when Mike, Victor and Murray wanted to help people make a fresh start, but they had no money to pay the rent. When Inky Tulloch, race car driver and owner of Tulloch’s Transport, heard about their inspiring ideas, he helped out by providing space in his yard where chairs could be stored and worked on, for what turned out to be several years.

Originally Alloyfold was manufacturing chairs by employing unskilled people with employment barriers, but once the customer base started rapidly expanding into the US market, the business model needed to evolve.

So instead of employing people to manufacture chairs, Alloyfold shifted its direction to giving people a fresh start through its reintegration services. In 2002 Oak Tree Devanning was created, providing people in need of a fresh start with employment opportunities loading and unloading containers.

Then in 2004, Carey came on board as the first Social Worker at Pathway, and Alloyfold slowly shifted towards being the funding business for Pathway’s Reintegration Services instead of directly employing people in need. Another ten years on, Alloyfold opened a second office in Australia and Effuzi Seating in Wellington was acquired.  

Today Pathway Charitable Group is an umbrella enterprise encompassing the social enterprises Alloyfold, Oak Tree, NZIBT and Effuzi. This anniversary not only marks a milestone for Pathway, but also for these organisations as they are an important part of its journey.

So as Pathway celebrates twenty eventful years, the evolving Alloyfold, Oak Tree, NZIBT and Effuzi story needs also to be celebrated, along with its hard-working people, as without them, it would not be possible to help people make a fresh start.


“We are still 100% committed to that original vision and we will be offering fresh starts to people for as long as we can, in as many ways as we can dream up - God willing - for a long time to come. And we hope you can all continue to walk with us on this journey.” - Murray, CEO


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