Navigate Initiative preliminary evaluation report

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Pathway is committed to an evidence-led approach to the work we do. To achieve this, we have engaged Independent Research Solutions to gather qualitative data from in-depth interviews with Navigate Initiative (NI) clients during the week prior to their release, and again at least three months after their release.
This is the first of five annual reports into the NI. It gives an indication of the NI’s early effectiveness and value for its clients after 16 months of operation. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters for helping us achieve some very positive indicative results:

  • Overall, Tu Ora were satisfied with every major aspect of the Navigate Initiative, and reported that it had been a considerable help to them in terms of easing their reintegration into society.  
  • Participants found life inside the NI unit to be a valuable middle ground between prison and release, where they could focus on preparing themselves for their return to the community. They were universally positive in their assessment of NI staff as friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
  • The range of programmes and workshops in the NI unit were found to be useful and informative.
  • Participants felt well prepared to leave prison before their release, and that the preparation that they had undertaken was valuable.
  • Four participants reported having to break connections with gangs. At the time of the follow up interviews, three of four reported that they had succeeded.
  • Only one of the eight interview participants appeared to have reoffended within at least three months of release. All others reported that they were on track to continue desisting.
  • Participants were highly satisfied with Pathway’s social work support in the community, and all reported having a good relationship with their support worker.
  • All of the participants spoken to were in stable accommodation at the time of the interview, and all of those who were eligible to work were employed.

Analysis of quantitative data on reoffending will only be possible when a significant sample group of clients have graduated the programme and been released for at least twelve months. We anticipate publishing a second report at the end of 2020 which will include quantitative analysis. Between now and then we are planning a meeting for shareholders in September 2020 so we can report back on further progress.

One of our focuses for 2020 is on making many of the programmes and opportunities we offer inside the unit available to clients once they rejoin the community. Our writing, and drug and alcohol support groups are mirrored in the community. We are hoping to expand this to offer things like music and cultural groups as well. This will better enable the changes our clients make within the unit, to be more effectively embedded in their life outside the unit,  thereby creating value for our shareholders.

This initial report is very encouraging for our team. The Tu Ora’s feedback shows they have positive reflections on their NI experience and the preparation work they’ve done has been meaningful to them. But we couldn’t do it without you. Your financial support has made positive community outcomes possible. Thank you for your commitment and contributions.

Click here to read the full report:
On the path to release: a preliminary evaluation of the Navigate Initiative.

Kind regards,
Carey Ewing
​Reintegration Manager

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