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“I’ve never run a distance over 2km, so it’s a bit overwhelming to run 14km. But I’m treating it like the rest of my life, one step at a time.”   – Tu Ora

On Sunday the 24th March 2019, City2Surf will take place in Christchurch for the 45th time. For the first time, seven men inside the wire will participate, within the boundaries of prison.

City2Surf is a popular, community-based fun run that aims to strengthen the community spirit and promote the physical and social benefits of exercise for the individual’s overall well-being. These motives align perfectly with the
objectives of the Navigate Initiative, so this event is well-suited for helping to connect the Tu Ora with the outside community, while also helping them set and achieve their own goals.

“I’ve never run a distance over 2km, so it’s a bit overwhelming to run
14km. But I’m treating it like the rest of my life, one step at a time.” – Tu Ora

Right now the men are in training four times a week with their Health and Fitness Trainer, along with the support from Te Ora Hou and one of the Tu Ora Navigators. 

The parameters of prison only allow for a maximum area of 750 metres in which to run, which means the Tu Ora will have to run several laps to cover their chosen 6km or 14km course. Each of the Tu Ora are registered with the official City2Surf organisation, their run and time (within the wire) will be recorded, and they will all receive the official City2Surf T-Shirt.

In order to take part in the City2Surf run, the seven participating men were provided with second hand running gear and they were advised on how to adjust their nutritional intake.

To complete this run is not an easy task for many of the Tu Ora, who have had no previous history of running, but who are determined and motivated to achieve their set goal. Once the run is finished, a small prize-giving ceremony will take place within prison grounds.

Physical health is an important factor within the Navigate Initiative and this event is a great tool to practise goal- setting and realise the commitment involved to achieve that goal.

As well as this, the Tu Ora can connect this whole process with the benefits of an overall, personal well-being - and some of them may even have fun!

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