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A Community Skills Bank member's perspective: Mark's story

“With respect to work, my main objective is to have balance between the tasks I have to do to pay the bills, the work I’m passionate about, and the things...

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He Kete Oranga o te Mana Wahine Facility officially opens its doors

Marked at an official ceremony, the South Island’s only residential drug and alcohol centre for women, He Kete Oranga o te Mana Wahine ‘a women’s basket of wellness’, was officially...

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He Kete Oranga O Te Mana Wahine - A Woman's Journey of Recovery

A fresh start for women at Pathway Retreat. Pathway is pleased to report that government funding has been secured for the first year of the pilot project He Kete Oranga...

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Update on the Navigate Initiative

Since opening up the Navigate Initiative (NI) unit on the 8th October 2018, there have been 24 men enter the unit, five men have been released into the community, and...

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An employer's perspective: Rob's story

“My father used to work in a bank back in the day, but when they asked him to move to Australia, he resigned.

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Sam's* story

“I was one of the first Tu Ora to enter the Navigate Initiative in October 2018, and the first one to leave prison in January 2019.

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One step at a time - City 2 Surf

On Sunday the 24th March 2019, City2Surf will take place in Christchurch for the 45th time. For the first time, seven men inside the wire will participate, within the boundaries of prison.


Driving behind the wire

“Being a policeman for over 12 years, I had to knock on one toomany doors to tell parents that their child was involved in a caraccident.

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Jevon's* Story

“Being born and raised in a rough upbringing in Southland during the late 1990’s, I’ve experienced some violent gang wars.

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Pathway celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

When Mike, Victor and Murray followed their calling 20 years ago, none of them believed that Pathway would be where it is today. But with the faithful support of a few generous people and organisations who believed in them, as well as the extraordinary efforts of Pathway’s workers over the years, our 20 year celebration is here!

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