Humans of our Prisons

Kate 4

Kate's story

"If not for him, there’s a very real chance I could have been in prison as opposed to helping prisoners."

John S 1 2

John's story

"Your senses are working way overtime when you come out, you feel just about bullet proof. Feeling that sharp, you can easily go wrong."


Irene's story

"I have over 100 criminal convictions, and I have a Level 7 degree. So you choose how you want to judge me."


Grant's story

"I had a V8 Falcon, a BSA motorbike and a house load of furniture. And it all went up my arm."

Gary 2

Gary's story

"If you really knew me, would you even look at me?"

dr paul wood

Dr Paul Wood's story

"I was the first person in NZ to finish a Masters degree inside, and I finished up my PhD on release."

David lorraine 1 4

David & Lorraine – mentors

"They're not animals. There are some people who act like animals, because they’ve been treated like animals."


Richard's story

"I’ve served my time, why should I be still paying 38 years later?"


Henare's story

"People look at courtrooms with all the brown faces and think it's just the norm for them but the reality is for many it never is and it never will...

Chrissy 1

Chrissy's story

"The way they advertise it is ‘come and make a difference, come and be a Corrections Officer’. It’s crap. You can’t."

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