Humans of our Prisons

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Mark's story

“I stopped drug-dealing. I stopped drug-dealing for one reason and one reason only. I wanted *tap tap tap to mean that somebody was at my door to see me.”

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Jarrod's story

"You don't see gangs forming in suburbs like the boring, middle class suburb I grew up in.

Warren 1

Warren's story

"If it wasn’t but for the grace of God, I'd be on the other side myself.


Toni's story

"I found myself standing in the district court, with no recollection of the night before. I was wearing a hospital gown and I stunk of smoke."


Simon's story

"I was away on a work trip one weekend and started gambling on pokie machines - within a week I was addicted to them."

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Sarah's story

"It might be one thing to do drugs, or to murder someone, but to have a sex offender as a son is the pits.


Robbie's story

"There are some people out here that if they were taken and put into jail, it just might save their lives."

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Renee's story

"A lot of people expect that as a young woman going into a maximum-security men’s prison, you’re going to have a really hard time, but actually my experience was positive."


Norm's story

"I was labelled the Godfather of Youth Crime by the age of 16."


Nigel's story

"My family were pretty shocked, especially my daughter, she was planning to be a copper."

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