Buy a reusable coffee cup

Pathway are selling awesome reusable coffee cups to support our work helping people make a fresh start.

The artwork featured on the cups was crafted by one of our talented clients and has an amazing story behind it (which you can read below).

Cups cost $25, you can either pick them up or we can ship (+$5) them to you.

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Coffee cup thank you

The artwork featured on our reusable coffee cups was designed and gifted by one of the people we were able to help make a fresh start.

Each element of the drawing represents a part of his life journey and time working with Pathway. The koru at the centre of the piece represents our artist. When he and his mother arrived in Christchurch they didn’t have a place to live. After a time they moved into Pathway Retreat and our artist now works alongside us at our social enterprise Oak Tree Devanning.

The sun streaming down represents Pathway Retreat and the nurturing and advice he received from our Retreat Manager and other support people.

The steps to the right represent the journey he took from Pathway Retreat to Hagley College and then onwards to a job at Oaktree Devanning.

Finally, the pohutukawa tree on the left represents the family and friends who have been alongside him in his journey.

We would like to say thank you to our artist for this beautiful work, we are proud to have you on our team.

Please note - it is not recommended to wash these cups in the dishwasher.